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Welcome to the official webpage of The United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation! We are committed to growing the sport of wushu in the US and around the world. Do your part in helping grow the sport by becoming a member!

Upcoming Events

  • 2023 Presidential Wushu Cup – Supplemental Kungfu Team Trial

    This is the last chance for kungfu practitioners to get a spot on the Kungfu team for the 9th World Kungfu Championships to be held in Emeishan, China August 23th-August

    July 1 at St. Johns Episcopal School
  • 4th Pan American Kungfu and Taijiquan Championships

    The PAKFTC is the Pan American version of the World Kungfu Championships. Using the WKFC as the model, the PAKFTC uses the same list of styles and age groups. All

    August 3 - August 7 at Unionville, Ontario, Canada
  • 2023 US Challenge – Supplemental Kungfu Team Trial

    The US Challenge is a competition designed for competitors to grow with their skills.  For the novice who has never competed before, our First Timer Division is deliberately designed for

    August 12 - August 13 at Washington Education Zone, Wagner Hall
  • 9th World Kungfu Championships

    From the IWUF Website: The World Kungfu Championships (WKFC) is the official world-level sport-for-all event that is hosted by the International Wushu Federation. First held in 2004, the WKFC takes place biennially

    August 23 - August 28 at Emeishan, China
  • 2023 Golden State International Wushu Championships

    2023 Golden State International Wushu Championships & U.S. National Kung Fu Team Trials, the largest international Wushu Championships in the US. This event is hosted by the World Taiji Science

    September 2 - September 3 at Santa Clara Convention Center

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